To mark its 75-year anniversary, Bernafon launched a global campaign highlighting key company milestones and achievements over the past three-quarters of a century.
Targeting hearing care professionals and end-users alike, the campaign brought stories to life through fresh and engaging content published on a webpage and dispatched across Bernafon’s online touchpoints.
The first story chronicles the company’s beginnings, starting with that day in 1946 when Hans Gfeller Jr., a student in engineering, got hold of his father’s new hearing aid and took it apart with a screwdriver to see how it was made. Other stories will also shine a light on the events that made Bernafon the unique company it is today.
“For 75 years, we have been empowering millions of people to hear and communicate better. This makes us one of the longest-standing hearing aid companies in the world – definitely something to be proud of,” Erich Spahr, General Manager, says. “With passion, competence, and dependable partnerships, we have pioneered many leading innovations and industry firsts – Bernafon Hybrid TechnologyTM being the newest.”
But the 75th anniversary campaign doesn’t just reflect on the past – it also looks to the future:
“This campaign is an opportunity for us to strengthen our brand identity across markets and build trust across multiple audiences,” Spahr summarizes. “It’s also a great vehicle to drive conversations beyond the product and underscore what makes Bernafon a truly different brand.”