Demant Hearing Aids eliminates 11.5 tonnes plastic in production thanks to a technical optimisation. The approach, which shows great potential, is being replicated in other areas, indicating even larger material reductions in the near future.
All Demant Group hearing aids come with a small filter in place to prevent earwax from getting into the instrument. As the small filter gathers wax, it needs to be changed frequently, and the fresh filters are stored in a plastic container – to insiders referred to as a turtle because of its shape.
Looking at the plastic we source to produce hearing aid parts, the turtles alone account for around 40%, making them the biggest plastic source in our yearly consumption. With great simulation technology and a moulding method new to Demant, we have saved 11.5 tonnes of plastic a year when producing turtles.
The turtle-project indicates a large potential to replicate and use simulations in other parts of the accessories’ production, which is already commencing.