In the beginning of June, Demant completed the transfer to a new factory in Tijuana, Mexico. The brand-new facility of 20,000 square meters makes Demant ready for further capacity expansion in the North American region.

Since 2014, Demant has shared facilities with William Demant Invest subsidiary Össur in Tijuana to cater for the custom and service production to the North American market. Over the last years, growth in volume and consolidation of production efforts have made the need for more space increasingly evident. Therefore, the solution for Demant was to build a completely new factory in Tijuana.

“It is a major milestone that we have now completed the move into the new factory in Tijuana. It has been an enormous project involving people from many different sites and countries within Demant. We have had a great collaboration with Össur at their facility, but we simply needed more space, and we are proud to move into our new, fantastic site,” says Torben Engell Nielsen, Vice President, Global Custom Operations and continues:

“Following the positive development of our company, we need even more capacity for production as well as a regionalised distribution center within Hearing Aids Operations. This expansion is a key part of developing our business on a global scale, and with the proximity to one of our largest markets, we can service the North American region even better from our site in Tijuana,” Torben concludes.