In August 2021, Oticon Medical launched their Neuro Zti MRI 3T cochlear implant. The new device is able to withstand the strong magnetic field of an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scanner at magnetic strengths up to 3.0 Tesla (3T).

At some point in our lives, many of us will need an MRI scan, and CI users are no exception. Oticon Medical have re-designed their implant with a magnet that allows the user to undergo MRI scans at both 1.5T and 3.0T for scanning durations of up to 60 minutes. There are no restrictions on head placement and no bandaging is necessary (limitations that are known for other devices).

The Neuro Zti MRI 3T implant and magnet remain secure and steady during the scanning procedure by way of a unique fixation system, which also allows for the users to undergo multiple scans. 

The new magnet is protected from the force of the MRI’s magnetic field because it is constructed from an innovative new composite of metals similar to those used in the aerospace industry. Users of the Neuro Ci System with the new MRI 3T implant can rest-assured that they will maintain their hearing before and after an MRI. 

Jes Olsen, CEO of Oticon Medical, said: 
“An MRI might not be something that CI candidates have top of mind but needing an MRI scan at some point in life is quite common. So this advance is another reassurance from Oticon Medical that we strive to make living with a CI as uncomplicated as possible.”