In October, Oticon Medical announced the launch of the innovative MONO procedure that allows surgeons to perform the complete osteotomy for bone anchored implants with just one drilling step.

The MONO procedure is a minimally invasive procedure where the implant in a bone anchored hearing system is attached to the skull. The implant then connects to a sound processor through the skin via an abutment. The procedure can be performed under local anaesthetic, which saves on valuable resources in the operating room. Furthermore, the small incision required eliminates the need for sutures, which reduces scarring and numbness and improves cosmetic outcomes for patients.

Research shows that a minimally invasive procedure reduces both hospital costs and procedure time. By reducing the drilling steps required during surgery to just one, the MONO procedure is expected to further increase these savings and improve clinical efficiency.

Dr Thibaud Dumon, Otorhinolaryngologist from Clinique du Docteur Jean Causse in Colombiers, France, uses the MONO procedure and comments, “The new minimally invasive MONO procedure is efficient for both me and my patients, and leaves the patient with no scars or suturing.”

“At Oticon Medical, we are driven to continuously challenge convention,” adds Jes Olsen, President of Oticon Medical. “The MONO procedure is the world’s first BAHS procedure with single-step drilling. By making the surgical process more clinically efficient, we want to enable more people to enjoy the benefits of a bone anchored hearing solution.”