In 2021, Oticon Medical launched Ponto 5 Mini – the first style in the new Ponto 5 family of sound processors for Bone Anchored Hearing Systems. With a revolutionary approach to feedback, this new sound processor takes the open sound experience, first introduced with the groundbreaking OpenSound Navigator™, to a new level.

New research shows that the brain needs access to all sounds from the full soundscape to help it make sense of what it hears.1,2 OpenSound Navigator™ and OpenSound Optimizer™ are just two of the BrainHearing™ technologies used in Ponto 5 Mini to give users access to more sound than ever before. This has been confirmed in a study that show that the open sound technologies of Ponto 5 Mini improves speech understanding by 20% and significantly reduces the listening effort needed to make sense of sound*. 3

Up until now, traditional feedback systems have overcome annoying whistling sounds by reducing gain and removing the dynamics of sound. The new OpenSound Optimizer in Ponto 5 Mini analyses amplified sound 56,000 times per second to detect and actually prevent audible feedback before it occurs. This means audiologists no longer need to compromise on sound dynamics to reduce feedback and can fit users with Ponto 5 Mini with up to 6dB more stable gain.4

Jes Olsen, President Oticon Medical, has followed the development of the OpenSound Optimizer closely and comments: “It has taken years for us to develop a technology that can prevent feedback without decreasing gain and reducing the dynamics of sound. With the OpenSound Optimizer technology we now have the solution, and the result is to the benefit of all users.”

In addition to its advanced sound processing technology, all aspects of Ponto 5 Mini have been designed to make life easier for users – including fitting. We now introduce the easy-to-use Oticon RemoteCare platform where follow-up appointments, adjustments and upgrades can be carried out remotely.

As you would expect from a sound processor as advanced as the Ponto 5 Mini, it is also designed for the digital world with accessories, apps, and built-in technology to help users stay connected.

With the Ponto 5 Mini, Oticon Medical continues to offer the world’s smallest and most discreet bone anchored sound processor available. Despite its tiny size, Ponto 5 Mini delivers the state-of-the-art reliability, durability and product quality that have become synonymous with Ponto.

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2 Puvvada, K. C. et al. (2017). Cortical representations of speech in a multitalker auditory scene. Journal of Neuroscience, 37(38), 9189-9196.
3 Manuscript in preparation, Data on File - Clinical study BC102
4 Data on file at Oticon Medical

*Increased speech understanding with OpenSound Navigator ON measured as a percentage relative to the baseline with OpenSound Navigator OFF.