Visual reinforcement audiometry (VRA) is a behavioral hearing test that allows hearing care professionals to test children too young for normal audiometry tests. By using visual reinforcers, the hearing care professional engages the infant or child to take part in the hearing test, and the test becomes more gamelike. This gives more time to establish their hearing levels.

Interacoustics has just revealed its new digital visual reinforcement audiometry (VRA) solution: VRA Screen – which is also a valuable tool when testing difficult-to-test children.

Helle Jensen, MSc Audiology, and Clinical Product Manager at Interacoustics, describes VRA further:
“The child is conditioned with sound from a speaker, and when the child turns his/her head toward the sound the hearing care professional rewards the child with a video or an image. VRA is advantageous with young children as it is a fun and interactive way of testing.”

The Interacoustics VRA Screen has been released globally.