In January, Interacoustics launched a new type 4 audiometer built into a headset to the global market. This industry-leading headset-only design supports fast and easy hearing screening of all age groups. Besides the Luna audiometer headset, it only requires a license key, patient response, and a Windows® tablet or PC to run the software.
Lise Ebdrup, Market Development Manager at Interacoustics explains:
“Luna is a real ‘plug-and-play’ audiometer. The calibration is stored in the headset, so as soon as you install the software and connect the headset to your laptop or tablet, you are ready to start testing your patient. And if you change your laptop or table, you can just plug your headset into a new device – you do not need to calibrate the audiometer again.”
Successful launch in Denmark 
Globally, Luna will be sold into various segments where fast and easy hearing screening is required. However, Interacoustics already launched Luna to the Danish market back in September 2020. In Denmark, the main segment will be the school screening market where the fast and portable Luna system can be used for screening of children all the way through pre-school, primary and secondary school.
Lise Ebdrup says:
“School nurses need a fast audiometer that is easy to use. They are depending on a system that works each time, as time is a critical factor in their daily work”.
And so far, Interacoustics’ Danish sales team has successfully brought the new Luna device to market: “We have 98 municipalities in Denmark and approx. 1600 schools. We are now preferred supplier to the school screening market in most of the municipalities,” says Lise Ebdrup.
Luna is delivered with four hearing tests (manual, automatic, automatic 20 db and Hughson Westlake) and offers pure tone, warble and pulse tone. The random automatic test with the default seven frequencies only takes a minute to complete.
Facts about Luna:
  • Type 4 audiometer in accordance with IEC60645-1
  • Comes with four hearing tests (manual, automatic, automatic db and Hughson Westlake)
  • Offers pure tone, warble and pulse tone
  • Can run on Windows® tablet or PCA random automated test takes about 1 minute to completeWeight of only 0.5 kg.