Born out of a desire to help people with hearing loss in 1904, we are fundamentally put into the world to make a positive difference to millions of people around the world. Therefore, the core of our sustainability efforts is life-changing hearing health and the quality of life that we bring to our users. 

Aside from focusing on our core contribution to society, we work to strengthen sustainability in our operational practices and in the coming years, we have two main priorities in this regard: 

Diversity and inclusion: Demant honours diversity and fosters an unbiased and inclusive culture with equal opportunities.

Climate impact: Demant reduces packaging and waste, we support production and sourcing of green energy and strive for ambitious emission reductions particularly in our use of transport. 

While these areas are the focus of our current Sustainability Strategy, we will continue to improve on other important areas of our business.


The direction we take for our sustainability work builds on a thorough assessment of the most important sustainability topics for Demant and our stakeholders as well as our current and potential contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our main contribution to society is clear: 

Life-changing differences through hearing health. This is the core of our Sustainability Framework. Connected to the core, we have four pillars in our sustainability work which mainly are linked to our operational practices. For each pillar, we have individual ambitions, projects and targets that drive our progress.


Demant is an impact business. Through more than 115 years, our company has developed life-changing hearing health and from this platform we have taken news steps into the broader area of audio. Hearing and the ability to innovate this area is the essence of our Group.
We take great pride in the Group’s ability to contribute towards and innovate the hearing and audio area. Living with an untreated hearing loss can have an array of consequences for human life, including one’s ability to communicate properly, socialise and engage actively with others without constraints that are both physically and mentally tiring. Through this contribution, we enable millions of people to experience the joy of good hearing, as sound is part of many of life’s most important moments and aspects.
In 2020, we have:
Helped nearly 2 million hearing aid users
Helped well above 10,000 implant users suffering from profound, conductive or single-sided hearing loss
Facilitated the diagnosing of a three-digit million number of people with suspected hearing loss
Facilitated the hearing screening of a two-digit million number of newborns
Conducted research in cooperation with academia, health authorities and the industry to deepen our understanding of hearing, health and the brain

Read more about the life-changes differences we make and our ground-breaking research projects.

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    People & culture

    Our employees are our biggest strength and most valuable resource. Their well-being and engagement are fundamental to our success and a top priority of our Management.

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    Society & local community

    Our company is an important part of society and, to the Demant Group, is it imperative to be a good neighbour in the communities in which we operate. That means sharing our resources, donating to purposeful causes, and engaging in impactful projects around the world.

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    Environment & climate

    We want to leave the planet in good shape for future generations. Therefore, we address our impact and work to limit our footprint.

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    Business ethics & governance

    We comply with all rules and regulations and it is important that we always conduct our business in an ethical manner. We believe that going further than what local laws prescribe can be necessary and have a positive effect on local governments and practices. 


As a signatory member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), we are committed its 10 principles for responsible business and the Sustainable Development Goals and report annually on the progress on our work within the areas of human rights, labour rights, environmental and anti-corruption.

The Sustainable Development Goals
It is clear where our main contributions lie – in Goal 3, Good health and well-being for all. In our Sustainability Strategy we go further than simply mapping where we already contribute. We also define areas where we can contribute more to the achievement of the goals. 

The Demant Group, along with its owners, contribute directly or indirectly to more goals than the ones mentioned here. However, we chose to highlight the goals with which we work strategically and where we have the biggest and most direct impact.



Our Sustainability Board drives strategic action on the sustainability strategy of the Demant group. The mission of the Board is to ensure that sustainability considerations and activities are an integral part of both the overall business strategy and the daily operations of all business activities, central functions and brands in the Group.

The Sustainability Board is chaired by Demant CEO, Søren Nielsen, and all business areas and functions across the group are represented to ensure that our sustainability framework is implemented in all parts of the business. 

Moreover, the Demant Board of Directors has the final oversight of our sustainability strategy.


In connection to our Annual Report, we publish a Sustainability Report every year. The report serves as Demant’s Communication on Progress report to the United Nations Global Compact and as our statement on the UK Modern Slavery Act. In addition, the report serves as the statutory report to be presented under section 99a, 99b and 107d of the Danish Financial Statements Act.

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    Job & Career

    A career at Demant opens up numerous possibilities of exciting, international positions in hearing healthcare. Join us in making a difference.


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    With a unique position in the hearing healthcare market, based on true innovation and an efficient global set-up, we are equipped to help millions of people.

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    Browse through our Sustainability Reports, press releases and publications in our media library.