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Being able to communicate is an intrinsic part of what makes us human, as we discover when we experience hearing difficulties. When we cannot hear properly, our participation in everyday life decreases. We withdraw and become less active, more isolated.

On the contrary, when we keep stimulating the brain with sound impulses, we also help keep our hearing more fit. It helps us connect, communicate and socialise with the world around us.

The benefits of good hearing are assisted by the newest technology and hearing care. For young people and seniors alike, overcoming the boundaries of hearing loss by the use of hearing care solutions, by the expert advice of a hearing care professional and by keeping the hearing fit will make it easier not just to stay active, but to enjoy life to the fullest. So, ensuring hearing health is more important than ever.

The story of our company – Demant – begins in 1904 with one man’s passion to improve the life of his wife, who suffered from hearing loss. At a time when hearing aids were in their infancy, Hans Demant bought one for his wife Camilla and they started building the foundation for professional hearing care. After some years, their son William took over and developed a prosperous company throughout the twentieth century – based on his parents’ story and the vision to give hearing back to the hearing impaired.

To preserve the altruistic purpose, the shares of the company were donated to the charitable William Demant Foundation in 1957, giving us our unique ownership structure and the possibility to create what would become a world-leading hearing healthcare group.

Our ambition is to pave new ways in hearing health, while ensuring a long-term, sustainable profile and conducting business in a responsible way. For more than a century, the people of Demant have played a vital part in developing innovative technologies and know-how to help improve people’s hearing. In every aspect, at every touchpoint, from hearing devices, hearing implants and diagnostic equipment to intelligent audio solutions and hearing care, Demant has been present, active and engaged.

No matter what tomorrow has in store for the world of hearing, we want to shape it. With the technological development moving at an ever-faster pace, innovation aimed at creating customer-centric solutions is paramount to success. Because the potential to change lives is extraordinary. There will be plenty for us to do, as the connection between hearing and well-being is fully explored and as the ageing population is growing. More and more people will be affected by hearing loss.

Care for other people’s health has always been the very foundation of our company. The desire to make life-changing differences through hearing health is still the definite core of our business and the purpose which follows us to work every morning.


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    Our company begins with one man’s passion to help his hearing-impaired wife: Hans Demant’s eagerness to act on Camilla’s hearing loss and to truly make a life-changing difference – carried on by their son William.

    By committing their time and energy to improving the lives of people with hearing difficulties, the Demant family gave us a solid foundation on which to create the future of hearing health. This commitment to change lives through healthcare continues to engage us all at Demant every single day.


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    Hearing care is healthcare, and we keep stressing the strong link between hearing care and general health.

    We are confident that our solutions do more than just amplify sound, and we know that hearing care professionals do more than just fit hearing aids.

    By combining qualified care and the newest technology – in hearing instruments and implants as well as in diagnostic and fitting equipment – we actually make life-changing differences to people living with hearing difficulties, thereby empowering them to live more active and healthier lives.

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    Our passion for innovation and technology will help us make the unthinkable a reality.

    With a firm intent to reward the many different users of our products with solutions that are compatible with modern life and work in the digital age, we continue to bring innovative products to market.

    And by pushing scientific boundaries and sharing our research-based expertise in hearing technology, diagnostic and fitting equipment as well as in professional hearing care, we play a pivotal role in shaping a better future; benefitting us all as we live active lives and grow older.


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