For more than 115 years, Demant has played a vital part in developing innovative technologies and gathering know-how to help improve people’s hearing and break new grounds in the field of audio.

In every aspect, at every touchpoint, Demant is active and engaged: from hearing devices and hearing implants, diagnostic equipment and hearing care to intelligent audio and video solutions.


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This year, the World Health Organization published new numbers on the prevalence of hearing loss. It is estimated that around 466 million people worldwide suffer from disabling hearing loss and that this number will have almost doubled to 900 million people in 2050. This forecast is a clear indication of the absolute necessity to continue the progress we have already made in hearing health: Enabling people to live active lives, to keep working and to interact socially – even if their hearing is severely impaired or just not what it used to be. The true value lies in the tremendous benefits of using modern hearing device technology, in the positive outcome of hearing treatment by a professional and in reducing the risk of cognitive and physical illnesses, resulting from denial of the importance of hearing treatment. Every day, we see the benefits of proper hearing care, so at Demant, we will continue to emphasise the importance of not just hearing care, but hearing health in a broader sense.

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Innovative products contribute to proper hearing care. With dedicated innovative force, we have also this year written important chapters in the future of hearing healthcare. Our Hearing Devices business activity offers very impressive and full product portfolios that attract customers, culminating in the spring launch of Oticon Opn S and the autumn launch of Oticon Xceed, Xceed Play and CROS/BiCROS for people with severe to profound hearing loss. Our unique product offering goes back to the core of Oticon’s Open Sound system and the power of this technology to support the user in the most difficult and noisy listening situations. In spring and autumn, both Bernafon and Sonic introduced new products, thereby considerably expanding their portfolios, and – perhaps most notably – the first Philips-branded products were launched in April and additional Super Power and Ultra Power styles in September 2019. Reflected in our growing presence in the US and our recent successful launch in China, the commercial response to this well-known consumer brand has turned out to be just as positive as we expected. All products are seeing good traction in a highly competitive market.

Our business activities Hearing Implants and Diagnostics contribute to similar life-changing user experiences. Just before summer, our Hearing Implants brand, Oticon Medical, launched their bone anchored product, Ponto 4, which is based on the unique Open Sound system originally developed for our hearing aids. Ponto 4 quickly became a customer success with user testimonials of improved hearing. In Diagnostics, we have been successful with new innovative efforts to improve remote care and automated hearing tests. Furthermore, our engagement in balance treatment is becoming an increasingly big part of our business, and it is amazing to see how patients severely impaired by dizziness and vertigo problems can go back to their normal lives after having undergone spinning chair treatment.

At Demant, we strongly believe in access to specialised hearing care, and we will continue to invest in hearing care of the future. We have become a very significant global retailer and our approach to hearing care is based on the needs of each individual user. We focus on professionalising and digitalising the customer journey, enabling us to always provide a targeted and personalised customer experience across all touchpoints.

In 2019, the Demant Group reached its 115th anniversary and the year saw many first-time events. We introduced new brands: the new Philips HearLink hearing aids and the new Demant corporate brand – a change from William Demant Holding. Our endeavours in headsets and intelligent audio and video solutions reached an important milestone when we introduced the new company and brand, EPOS. With EPOS being fully consolidated into the Demant Group, I look forward to seeing even more R&D synergies, such as advanced signal processing, evolve between our healthcare and headsets activities in the years to come and thus supporting continued strong growth in this part of our business. Our Diagnostics business activity also keeps evolving. In 2019, we changed the descriptive name of Diagnostic Instruments to Diagnostics to better reflect the fact that we are active in many areas and that the share of consolidated revenue generated by Diagnostics’ balance, service and disposables businesses is growing. All these first-time events reflect our commitment to develop and drive growth through a multi-business and multi-brand approach backed by Demant, our core and common platform.

Because of our continuous growth and expansion, many new people have joined our Group. In the first half-year, we worked extremely hard to launch many new products and services in preparation for a productive second half-year. Then the unforeseen and most critical event occurred, which impacted the whole Group and our ability to perform. Ransomware criminals intruded our systems, our core IT infrastructure, which forced us to shut down our IT systems and shortly after begin the recovery of systems, servers and infrastructure across all regions. Although time-consuming and costly, we managed to successfully recover our systems from back-ups without having to pay ransom and thus support destructive criminals.

The IT incident impacted our performance in the last four months of the year, and the results for 2019 should therefore be seen in the light of the estimated DKK 550 million negative impact on the Group’s revenue and profit, which is dissatisfactory and frustrating. However, our corporate culture, our team spirit and our ability to act and deliver in difficult times carried us through and enabled us to come out of the year with good momentum in all business activities. In the hearing aid wholesale business, we thus report 9% underlying organic revenue growth, which is well above the market growth rate, and we continue to see improvements in our hearing aid retail business where we report 4% underlying organic growth. We saw strong organic growth in Hearing Implants of 21% driven by very high growth in the cochlear implants segment in the first half-year and the same strong growth trend in the second half-year in the bone anchored hearing systems segment thanks to the launch in June of Ponto 4. Diagnostics generated strong organic growth of 10%.

Despite some challenging months in autumn, I am proud of the technological achievements of all Demant’s business activities, Hearing Devices, Hearing Implants, Diagnostics and Communications, which are to the benefit of our many customers and users whom I cannot thank enough for their loyalty and collaboration in 2019.

Increasingly important to us and our shareholders, to our customers and to the users of our solutions are responsibility and sustainability. Demant has been committed to the UN Global Compact since 2010, and for the past two years, we have worked on incorporating the Sustainable Development Goals into our CSR approach.

With special focus on improving people’s health and quality of life and on encouraging technological innovation, we build on our incredible heritage from the Demant family and their efforts to create life-changing differences for people with hearing loss. Based on the products we deliver and the very DNA of the Group, we exploit this opportunity to create significant changes in the world by standing up for all people’s right to good health – especially the almost half a billion hearing-impaired people. But increasingly, and especially noteworthy this year, we also focus on responsible environmental practices. We are making progress in our efforts to reduce packaging and excess materials, and we are investigating new, sustainable materials for our products. We are also committed to supporting the Danish Government’s goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70% by 2030.

When I meet employees all over the world, I see a fantastic and diverse crowd. I thank all employees for their contribution to Demant in 2019. I would also like to thank our shareholders for their commitment to Demant in a year where our normal operations were disrupted. Even at such challenging times, we are met with engagement and patience.

May the past year and the present time make way for a productive 2020.

Søren Nielsen

In a world where integrity and authenticity are key decision drivers, having an original purpose is an essential reference point for the whole Group. Everyone at Demant are doing their utmost to live up to the purpose that has permeated the organisation and its employees since the beginning in 1904:


We support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and contribute to their success through our core business. Whereas making a true difference with research and innovation and directly impacting world health is our core responsibility, we also acknowledge our obligation to reduce our environmental footprint and ensure responsible and ethical business.

Our contribution primarily falls under SDG 3, 4, 8, 9, and 12, while we also pay attention to SDG 5, 13, and 16.


As a part of UN Global Compact’s Young SDG Innovators Program, our Packaging Management Team within Oticon Sales & Marketing is carrying out a large transformation of our hearing aid packaging. The main goal is to incorporate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the way we develop packaging in order to make our packaging more sustainable. This can be done by reducing excess materials and making conscious choices about production.

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The Young SDG Innovators Program is an opportunity for participating companies of the UN Global Compact to identify young talent within their organizations and boost their ideas. During the ten-month program, two employees of Oticon’s packaging team, Heidi Gade and Sofie Rye, collaborate with 40 people from different positions in 21 companies on accelerating business innovation towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

Considering what could be changed within Oticon’s packaging and merchandise portfolios, and what impact the changes will have in relation to the SDGs, our young innovators identified most potential within our hearing aid packaging. They worked hard figuring out how to substitute materials for more sustainable options, eliminate excess materials and make the packaging production itself greener.

As a result, we await good news within Oticon’s packaging portfolio soon.


The Danish government has set an ambitious climate goal: To reach a target of 70% greenhouse gas reduction in 2030. A new climate law has just passed with a wide majority in Parliament to support the reduction programme. Demant takes an active part in the dialogue and presentation of solutions for a more climate friendly future for the medtech and healthcare sector.

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The entire Danish business community has been invited to take part in prioritising initiatives to deliver on the ambitious 70% reduction, and along with 11 other prominent companies, Demant participates in the climate committee (Klimapartnerskab).

“I am very pleased with Demant joining the climate committee and we do it with a commitment to act. Even if the Group’s core business – the production of very small hearing devices – is neither intense on energy nor on the use of materials, Demant still acknowledges that there are areas to improve and that the Group can contribute. Demant’s value chain does contribute to emission of greenhouse gasses, and the company has an opportunity to raise awareness of where it can do better and – even more importantly – how it can to contribute to the definition of a more climate friendly future for medtech and healthcare companies, both in the local and international community,” says CEO and President Søren Nielsen, Demant.


An initiative from our hearing aid retailers puts hearing on the healthcare agenda by offering free hearing aids and providing crucial information and education about hearing healthcare and the consequences of untreated hearing loss. 

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With Campaign for Better Hearing we seek to inspire our employees around the world to take an active part in putting hearing care on the health care agenda. With earlier interventions more people would live better lives and enjoy a more active retirement.

Each time someone gets their hearing tested in one of the clinics participating in the campaign, the Campaign for Better Hearing gets a donation. With the donation money we provide free hearing aids to people who need them but cannot afford them, based on nominations from the clinics. So far, 10 markets (Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, the UK, and the US) have launched the campaign. In 2019, we have screened 465,633 people with a Campaign for Better Hearing campaign code, raised more than 1.75 million USD, and helped 509 persons by providing 865 free hearing aids.

Watch our purpose video to get a sense of our life-changing hearing health.

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We have talked with Claus Nielsen, Historian and Curator at the Eriksholm Collection to learn more about the Demant name. Watch the video to learn more.  

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We believe that employee engagement is a crucial aspect of general well-being and key to a thriving workforce. Ensuring highly engaged employees is not merely a responsibility towards our employees, it is essential for Demant to evolve and maintain a leading position globally. 

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We acknowledge that employees are a key resource for uncovering potential gaps and ways of improving, and the annual engagement survey “Pulse” is our way of establishing a dialogue within the organisation about how we can develop our shared workplace.

The engagement survey is carried out by an external collaborator, Gallup, and in 2019, we fully rolled out the survey in our global organisation, involving approximately 15,000 employees worldwide. We also reached an employee participation level of 84%. Our engagement score of 2019 was 3.83 (on a scale from 1-5) which, compared to 3.69 (on a scale from 1–5) in 2018 is an improvement. Looking at the Gallup benchmark, this result puts us just below average compared to other companies enrolled in Gallup’s survey, and Demant’s progress is by Gallup considered a statistically significant increase.

We sense that the introduction of Pulse has brought needed attention to employee engagement throughout the Group, and we are motivated to continue to grow this awareness.


86% of revenue

4% growth in local currencies

12,837 DKK million revenue

We followed Mei-Mei Swane Lund when she had her hearing aids updated to the new Oticon Opn S. Watch the video to hear about Mei-Mei’s experiences with the new hearing aids.

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In 2019, Oticon launched its new miniRITE R, which offers a unique combination of the open sound experience, superior connectivity and a state-of-the-art rechargeable lithium-ion solution in an elegant and discreet design.

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Today, many of our everyday electronic devices are rechargeable and rechargeability offers us convenience and freedom. Hearing aids are of course no exception.

Aside from being environmental-friendly, rechargeable hearing aids offer the advantage of not having to administer the small batteries on a weekly basis and worry about running out of batteries. Users only need to plug the devices into the charging station when they go to bed, and in the morning, they are ready to go.

Oticon’s latest advance within rechargeable hearing solutions offers a full day’s power - every day – in combination with all the well-known benefits from Oticon Opn S™.

In addition, this new style offers:

• … a super-fast three-hour charging time (for a fully drained battery). This means that if charging overnight, users are sure to have a full day’s power the next day.
• … a quick recharge – 30 minutes for an additional six hours of power.
• … a contact-free and reliable, inductive charging system.
• … and an intuitive-to-use and stylish designed charger where the hearing aids easily fit into the charging ports.


In April 2019, the first Philips hearing aids were introduced to the global hearing aid market by Demant.

Demant’s multi-brand strategy was expanded further during 2019 when a brand-licensing agreement with Philips, one of the world’s best known and leading health technology brands, resulted in the first Philips branded hearing aids. Philips Hearing Solutions entered the hearing healthcare market with a complete range of premium hearing aids under the name of Philips HearLink.

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“The Philips hearing aids will provide users with an innovative hearing solution,” says Søren Nielsen, CEO & President, Demant. “We live in an age where user engagement and digital services are shaping the future of healthcare technology. More and more people are conscious of taking control of their own personal healthcare and are using electronic devices and services to do so.”

Combining Demant’s world-leading hearing aid technology with Philips’ global brand presence in healthcare, the cooperation has enriched the hearing healthcare experience with innovative hearing solutions. Philips Hearing Solutions have among other showcased their products at the 2019 European Union of Hearing Aid Acousticians (EUHA) congress where visitors could hear more about why adding Philips HearLink hearing aids to their portfolio presents a unique opportunity.

“With Philips Hearing Solutions entering the market, hearing care professionals are presented with a unique opportunity to offer branded hearing aids that their clients automatically associate with quality, reliability and value,” says Søren Skjærbæk, Vice President. “We believe that the combination of a highly recognisable, trusted brand and state-of-the-art hearing aid technology is unique in the hearing aid market.”

On April 1, Bernafon introduced Viron, its first True Environment Processing hearing aid. Watch the video to get a glimpse of Viron’s new sound experience.

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In May 2019, a new hearing aid style joined the Captivate line-up from Sonic. Watch the video to learn more about the new hearing aid style.

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- Marina Sage, mother of a sixteen-year-old Oticon Opn user.


Excerpts of an e-mail from a mother of a 16-year-old boy with a hearing loss:

Dear Oticon, Thank you, thank you, thank you! A million times, thank you for the work that you do improving hearing aid technology!

I am the mother of a 16-year-old son who was born with a bilateral sensorineural hearing loss. In the past 16 years, we have been through many different sets and brands of hearing aids, each new pair helping to improve his hearing just a little bit more.

In June this past year, a new job took us to south Florida, where my son was enrolled in one of the biggest high schools in Florida and in the USA, with around 4800 students. For the most part he did well, but he started complaining for the first time that he couldn’t hear his teachers as well in his larger classes. He couldn’t hear the announcements on the loudspeaker because they were too jumbled. He had difficulty hearing his partners in group projects while tuning out background noise in the classroom.

I remembered a conversation that we had with his audiologists before leaving New Mexico talking about the new Oticon Opn hearing aids. They told me that they had seen some amazing things with their patients who were trying them. They told me they were not just a small step up like we were used to, but it was entirely new technology that was a total game changer.

We contacted a new audiologist in Florida who told us we could do a one-week trial with the Opn hearing aids to see how they worked for my son and if we thought it was worth the investment.

And this is where I start getting teary. The audiologist put in the hearing aids and turned them on. Immediately my son’s eyes lit up and a huge smile formed on his face. The audiologist told him to look out the window because she was going to ask him some questions and wanted to see if he could hear her. First of all, I was amazed that she was speaking in a normal conversational voice, and not in the louder voice that we had been accustomed to speaking to him in. Secondly, she was standing behind him. He always had trouble hearing us unless we were standing right in front of him. Thirdly, we heard his voice go from a louder voice to a normal conversational tone.

Throughout all of this, he was answering her questions without any problem whatsoever. Then, I saw her take another step backwards to the doorway of the room. She kept talking to him, while slowly backing out of the room. My husband and I were listening to the conversation in utter disbelief and watching our son’s face. Then I looked out the door and tears started streaming down my face, because the audiologist wasn’t standing near the doorway anymore, she had moved about 4-5 feet down the hall! This would NEVER have been possible with his other hearing aids. Do you know the look on a child’s face when they go to Disneyland for the first time? That is the look that my son had on his face for the first 2 days after receiving the new hearing aids.

He just kept looking wide-eyed in awe everywhere we went, listening to the new sounds that the world provided. The whole way home and for the next couple of days, he kept telling us about all of the new things he was hearing.

After wearing them for a full day, he said he was amazed how easy it was to adjust to them since they sounded so different from what he was used to. He decided to try to put on his old hearing aids for fun to see what they sounded like. He immediately took them off and said, “I don’t like these. They sound weird, and they’re so loud!” Naturally, we decided that we had to buy him a pair of the Opn hearing aids, so at the end of that week, he traded in the loaners for his very own brand-new set!

So, how have our lives changed since then?

• At home: He can hear me call him from downstairs. I no longer have to send one of his brothers up to get him. The TV can be played at a normal setting (we did not get the TV box that pairs with the Opn because he could hear so much better already). We have conversations in a normal vocal tone. No more feeling like we are yelling at him all the time. He can hear us talking to him, even when we are in the other room or behind him, or facing away from him, or walking away from him. He doesn’t say “what?” every couple of sentences when someone is talking to him. None of this was possible before.

• At school: He can hear his teachers better and doesn’t need special seating in the classroom. He can hear the announcements and come home to tell me what they said. He is no longer missing out on important information. He is doing great in his group work. He has gained a tremendous amount of self-confidence. He is excelling in his classes without any kind of special accommodations. He is a straight A student, even in his AP classes!

• At restaurants: He used to shut down and stare off into space, especially in louder restaurants like sports bars. Now he is easily able to join in the conversation, even when there is a lot of background noise.

• Overall: He is not as tired at the end of the day. He used to work so hard to hear, and it was exhausting. Now he doesn’t have to work so hard, so he has more energy left at the end of the day. Most importantly, he smiles more—all the time!

This is just one little snippet of our life and how these incredible hearing aids have breathed new life into my son. He has now had them for a couple of months. I’ve been compelled to write this letter but was unable to put my feelings into words. I’m sorry it’s such a long letter, but I wanted you to understand how much you are changing people’s lives.

Sebastian graduates in 2020 and plans to major in mathematics or engineering. Perhaps he will use his knowledge to someday work in the field of hearing aid technology and to help other people as you have helped him.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Marina Sage

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Get a glimpse into the future of hearing care, as Eriksholm test subjects, Morten and Susanne, test the equipment allowing them to enhance the sound of the person they want to listen to - only by looking at that person.Their feedback is of immense importance – and their reactions speak for themselves. 

[iframe data-category-consent="cookie_cat_marketing" data-consent-src="" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowfullscreen][/iframe] [p][a href=""]Eriksholm[/a] from [a href=""]Demant A/S[/a] on [a href=""]Vimeo[/a].[/p]

An ongoing PhD project at Aalborg University in collaboration with Oticon sets out to improve speech enhancement by introducing a visual input source to the hearing system.

Enabling hearing aid users to hear in noisy environments is a central topic in hearing aid research and development. Normally, you only have an auditory input to work with, when you wish to improve speech enhancement and speech in noise. But what happens if you introduce a visual input to the hearing system?


“Although speech enhancement is an old problem, a novel aspect of my research project is the combined use of auditory and visual signals to aid the enhancement process with the information from the speaker's lips”, explains Daniel Michelsanti, PhD student at Aalborg University.

“Today, we use signal processing to locate the speaker in noisy environments and to remove the noise around the target speaker”, explains Jesper Jensen, Senior Principal Scientist at Oticon and Professor at CASPR, Aalborg University. “If you had a camera input, you would instantly be able to single out the speaker. Acoustic signals may be degraded by noise, but the visual input is not”.

“When we communicate, we use our eyes to a large extent”, Jesper Jensen adds. “Everyone uses lip reading, and you also use your eyes to navigate and find out where sounds are coming from. Therefore, there is a massive potential in incorporating a visual source in our hearing systems.”

Concrete results

With the combination of visual and auditory inputs, the idea is to build speech enhancement algorithms to work in noisy environments. And Daniel Michelsanti’s project already boasts concrete results. A demonstration test* indicates a significant increase in speech quality when you combine the visual input with the auditory input.

“The way we experience the world that surrounds us is multisensory. In other words, what one sense perceives is influenced by what the other senses perceive. I find it particularly fascinating to approach a problem like speech enhancement by developing systems that perform a multisensory integration, because this is what we constantly do as humans”, Daniel finishes.

*The test is publicly available at


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4% of revenue

21% growth in local currencies

622 DKK million revenue

Camilla Gilbert has just been upgraded to Ponto 4. Watch the video to hear her experiences.

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With a grant of 40 million Danish kroner from William Demant Foundation, the Capital Region of Denmark can now join all specialised treatment and research within hearing loss and balance treatment at Rigshospitalet (leading specialised Danish hospital in Copenhagen).

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Patients with complicated audiological treatment can look forward to the possibility of a combined surgical and non-surgical treatment in a new centre. The donation from William Demant Foundation provides a unique opportunity for collaboration between the University of Copenhagen, the Technical University of Denmark, the industry, patient organisations and the Capital Region by combining the clinical operations with an intensified research collaboration.

William Demant Foundation chose to support the project to boost research and innovation within hearing health and strengthen collaboration between experts from the public and private sectors. One of the Foundation's main tasks is to contribute to society including the support to research and development within audiology, and this new project supports the Foundation's objective of improving the lives of people with hearing loss.

The centre will be completed in the summer of 2020 for the benefit of patients suffering from poor hearing and dizziness. The goal is to create a centre that can lead the field internationally and generate unique knowledge and innovation within hearing and balance research.


10% of revenue

11% growth in local currencies

  1,487 DKK million revenue

Interacoustics launched its new hearing aid fitting solution, Affinity Compact, at the 2019 European Union of Hearing Aid Acousticians (EUHA) congress. The new solution combines audiometry, real-ear measurement, hearing instrument testing and visible speech mapping with a sleek and modular design.

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With a new Bertec® balance rehabilitation portfolio, Interacoustics offers systems for diagnosis as well as treatment of dizzy patients.

[iframe data-category-consent="cookie_cat_marketing" data-consent-src="" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowfullscreen][/iframe] [p][a href=""]Michelle Petrak talks about Bertec[/a] from [a href=""]Demant A/S[/a] on [a href=""]Vimeo[/a].[/p]
A good balance is obtained by a combination of interactions and signals flowing from our eyes, head and body to our brains. Those integrated signals allow us to move freely and safely through our days. If one or more of those signals is not performing well, it will affect our overall balance.

With the new Bertec® solutions, balance clinics will be able to offer all steps of the patient journey. From identification of balance disorders to a complete assessment as well as rehabilitation and treatment process.

Michelle Renee Petrak, Director of Clinical Audiology, Interacoustics, comments:

“Before, we only had the option to diagnose a dizzy patient. Bringing in the rehabilitation portfolio from Bertec® gives us an opportunity to rehabilitate or fix the patient as well with treatment and exercising equipment.


12% underlying growth

1,126 DKK million revenue



In 2019, Demant introduced EPOS: a company doing high-end audio solutions designed for enterprise, gaming and air traffic control as well as offering high-end video collaboration solutions. Based on pioneering audio and video technology, EPOS strives to unleash human potential by perfecting audio and video experiences with focus on innovative design and performance in all of its solutions. EPOS will manufacture and sell the existing Sennheiser Communications Enterprise Solutions and Gaming portfolios co-branded as EPOS | SENNHEISER products, while also introducing a new EPOS-branded portfolio.

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Sennheiser Communications A/S, the joint venture between Demant A/S and Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG, announced in 2018 that it would evolve in new set-ups, which paved the way for the launch of EPOS in 2019. During 2020, Sennheiser Communications will phase out and while the business segment of Mobile Music headsets will be part of the Sennheiser electronic Consumer business, Enterprise Solutions and Gaming headsets will be a central part of the new independent company, EPOS.

  • jeppe-hallway-sennheiser-management

Sennheiser Communications was recently awarded the prize of “best IT company in Denmark” by the recognised Danish trade media house ComputerWorld.

The best IT company in Denmark is definitely a label to be proud of. The prize itself from ComputerWorld came as a surprise to Jeppe Dalberg-Larsen, President of Sennheiser Communications I EPOS. But the success of the company is far from a surprise. An average of 20% yearly organic growth since the foundation of the joint venture in 2003 is a clear token of success.

During 2020, Demant takes over the Gaming and Enterprise Solutions part of Sennheiser Communications. The two business segments will be handled by the newly established Demant company: EPOS.

Jeppe Dalberg-Larsen

From start-up to growth success
The story of Sennheiser Communications is more than anything a growth story. The company was created to take the knowledge and technology from both Sennheiser KG and Demant and use this to develop headsets within three business areas: Gaming, Enterprise Solutions and Mobile Music.

“The joint venture has lived happily for 15 years, and we have now reached a phase where we are no longer a start-up company,” Jeppe Dalberg-Larsen says. “Following the start-up phase, we reached a growth phase, and in recent years we have become more and more global in sales and distribution. The last five years have been particularly successful.”

  • employees-most-important-asset

    Our people

    Employees are our most important asset, and we put great effort into creating and nourishing a company culture that makes people grow and succeed. We value a free and honest communication which contributes to a professional, yet informal working environment.


  • -Our international-R&D-organisation-major-catalyst-innovation-projects


    Our international R&D organisation is a major catalyst for innovation projects. All our R&D sites in Denmark, France, Sweden, Poland and China play a key role in our endeavours to always be at the forefront of development, enabling us to deliver the most innovative solutions.


  • expand-position-leading-global-hearing-healthcare-company-broadest-deepest-most-innovative-product-offering


    Our strategic ambition is to further expand our position as the leading global hearing healthcare company with the broadest, deepest and most innovative product offering. We invest heavily into R&D, and one of our focus areas is to exploit synergies across our business activities.