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The William Demant Group consists of an array of global companies that develop, manufacture and sell highly advanced hearing solutions accessories, diagnostic instruments, implants and personal communication. So a career within the Group opens up numerous possibilities for exciting, international positions in hearing healthcare.

a working culture in tune

For the second year in a row, the engineers and engineering students award Oticon as the number one Danish employer for engineers within the category "Electronics & Telecommunications" and number 10 of the total.

A working culture in tune_Mads Kamp

The Danish Media Group, The Engineer, asks a web panel and members of IDA (the Danish union for engineers) to evaluate the 111 biggest engineering companies in Denmark to find the most attractive employer from the employees’ perspective. VP HR from Oticon and William Demant, Mads Kamp, is delighted with the result:

“I am really proud! We spend a great deal of energy on listening to the labour market and our own employees to create a working culture that is in tune with both newly graduated as well as highly skilled engineers. Part of our success derives from the nature of the products: It gives a true sense of meaning to use your engineering skills to create devices that allow people to live natural lives with friends and family.”

At the Danish headquarter in Smørum, Oticon employs more than 550 engineers with backgrounds in primarily mechanical, electrical and software development.

working at william demant headquarters

Working at William Demant’s Danish headquarters, you will be part of a world-leading hearing healthcare group. From our headquarter we play a vital role in supporting our individual companies’ growth by offering an array of services within IT, Finance, HR and Quality.

The majority of what William Demant’s companies do is innovation and technology. New and existing employees become part of a Group that produces extremely complex technology turned into fine, user-friendly products that even makes a large difference for people living with hearing loss. 

We are a company in growth. Highly skilled and innovative employees drive our continuous business growth, and to stay in front, William Demant actively supports training, education and development,

both on the professional and personal side.

Our work environment is open and encourages daily collaborations across disciplines and competencies. We value a free and honest communication and everyone is required to join in and speak up no matter the position in the organisation. This contributes to a professional, dedicated yet informal working environment, which is the basis for true innovation and industry leading products.

william demant headquarter culture

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    Flexibility and adaptability

    In a changing world, we are constantly on the lookout for new and smarter ways to do things. Even though we are part of a large, global company the organisation is agile and there is short process from idea to final solution.

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    Trust and responsibility

    We trust that everyone wants to contribute and create strong results. We value diversity and creativity while also supporting freedom with responsibility. As an employee, you play a vital role in creating and defining the road to reach our goals.

  • focus-innovation


    We focus on results and innovative ideas. It is your output, drive and dedication that defines your career opportunities and the responsibilities you are given – not your seniority level.

william demant headquarter context

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    We care

    We provide the best hearing solutions for people worldwide. We care to make a difference! As colleagues we care about each other and are always willing to walk the extra mile. We take pride in succeeding as a team.

  • made-for-interaction


    We have an open office layout encouraging dialogue and mutual inspiration, which gives you the best foundation to think out of the box.

  • healthy-lifestyle


    We offer variety of sports clubs, a fitness room and one of the best canteens serving healthy, organic food.

working with a william demant company

Our goal is to help the more than 500 million people worldwide who suffer from hearing loss to communicate freely, interact naturally and participate actively. And we are always looking for highly skilled, innovative professionals who can help us reach that goal and empower people to play an active part in life. Join over 11,000 brilliant people, working together in around 30 countries.

Click on the businesses activities below to see vacancies in our companies.

hearing devices

  • Oticon
  • Bernafon
  • Sonic

hearing implants

  • Oticon-medical

diagnostic instruments

  • Maico
  • Interacoustics
  • Amplivox
  • GSI
  • MedRx
  • Micromedical

personal communication

  • Sennheiser-communications
  • Phonic Ear
  • Frontrow

Shared services

  • DGS
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If you want to know more about job opportunities in the William Demant Group, please contact one of our recruiters.

graduate programme

Our Graduate Programme offers you a unique opportunity to develop your personal and professional skills in a global company that truly makes a difference. Expectations will be high. But you will also be given real tasks and responsibilities with high exposure. You have a unique chance to build a broad understanding of our business while contributing from day one.

We offer an international career. After successfully completing of one of our programmes, you will be offered the possibility to embark on a career with William Demant with a permanent position perhaps as an executive assistant, internal business consultant, international project manager, or specialist in such areas as Finance, Operations or Engineering.


Contact Daria Helgogaard, Graduate Programme Manager.


Or read news, stories and general advice from graduates on their blog.



Contact Daria Helgogaard, Graduate Programme Manager.


our graduate programme

Are you the best in your class, analytical and characterised by good people and communications skills? Do you have a passion for both strategic and operational tasks and do you thrive when cooperating with other people? Then we strongly encourage you to apply for one of the graduate programmes at William Demant!

  • support


    Choose between a General Business Programme and any of the specialist lines Global Operations Programme, Global Finance Programme or Engineering Graduate Programme.

  • duration


    The duration of the Graduate Programme is two years.

  • rotation


    You will explore the company and develop your personal and professional skills through four job rotations of six months respectively.

  • understanding


    Each period will enhances your  understanding of the business in terms of both function and geography.

  • steep


    The learning curve will be steep and expectations high.

  • relations


    A personal manager and a host manager will be in charge of each rotation. Throughout the programme, you will be working closely with your mentor.

  • important


    Together with your host manager, you will plan your rotations and enhance your professional and personal development as much as possible.

  • streams


    William Demant is a global company, so all the programmes are designed with an international perspective in mind. 

  • building


    The main mission is to give you broad business sense and a coherent overview over our business.


  1. You are about to graduate from a business or engineering school (Master´s degree), or you have graduated in the past year. For specialist lines recruitments, please see below.

  2. You are “best in your class,” a top performer with excellent academic achievements, a team player with drive and passion, you have great analytical skills, sharp, curious, resilient and mature, and you are hardworking and fun to be with.

  3. You have an international profile, you are geographically flexible and open to spending part of the programme  outside Denmark, you are functionally and geofraphically flexible and adaptable when removed from your comfort zone.

  4. You are strategic and pragmatic by nature, you enjoy performing down-to-earth tasks and you are not afraid to "get your hands dirty".

  5. You enjoy meeting and working with new people, you are easy to cooperate with, and open to challenges and change. Your English is at top level.

what to expect from your rotations

All the rotations and tasks are open-ended and shaped in such a way that they take what the business needs and what the graduates’ competences and interests are into account. By nature, the tasks may therefore range from operational to tactical to strategic.

  • General Business 

    Academic Requirements

    You are about to graduate with a Master’s degree from a Business Schools or broad Engineering degree, and have graduated not more than 12 months ago.


    William Demant is a global company; therefore, the General Business Graduate Programme is designed with an international perspective in mind. As you progress through the programme you will take on projects that involve shorter or longer stays outside of Denmark or in different parts of Denmark. The duration of the stay could be anywhere from a few days to a half year, depending on the project you are connected to. The General Business Graduate Program is flexible and adapts to the needs of the business, hence the travels and stays will vary from rotation to rotation. The previous graduates have been to China, England, United States, Kenya, Poland, France, and Germany just to mention a few places, so it is important that you are excited about and enjoy traveling while at the same time you are flexible about your geographical location.

    Here are some examples of a broad range of areas you might be working with as a generalist: Analysis and Forecasting, Reporting and Retail, Customer Relationship Management, Campaign Planning and Business Controlling just to name view examples. You might also be involved in numerous strategic cross-functional projects in order to build a coherent understanding of the business. Projects, which include planning, analysis, project management and reflection. Regardless of the tasks presented during the 2 year programme one thing is guaranteed – you will be faced with a steep learning curve, high expectations and an extraordinary exposure to the top management level at William Demant!

    Applications will open in October 2017
  • Engineering 

    Academic Requirements

    You are about to graduate with a Master's degree in Engineering.


    Engineering Graduate Programme is a brand new programme. Our ambitions is to expose you to our R&D and Quality Global organizations and you can expect to have rotations within Research & Development oragnization at Kongebakken, Smørum and abroad, and a rotation in our Global Quality organization.

    Applications will open in October 2017
  • Global Finance 

    Academic Requirements

    You are about to graduate with a Master's degree in a relevant subject, for example finance, economics, business administration or management accounting.

    You have a very strong interest in pursuing your career in the Finance area (e.g. Investor Relations, Business Controlling, Managerial Accounting).


    Global Finance Graduate Programme is a brand new programme. Our ambitions is to expose you to our Global Finance setup and you can expect to have 6 months in the corporate headquarters at Kongebakken, Smørum working in Corporate Controlling; 6 months in Finance Shared Service Center in Stettin, Poland; 6 months rotation in Investor Relations in the headquarters and lastly 6 months in a sales company in either Somerset, US or any other big Retail and Wholesale location.

    Applications will open in October 2017
  • Global Operations 

    Academic Requirements

    You are about to graduate with a Master’ s degree from a Business Schools or broad Engineering degree with a focus line on Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Procurement, Production/Manufacturing Engineering or relevant.

    You have a very strong interest in pursuing your career in the Operations area (e.g. supply chain, production optimization, LEAN, data analysis, logistics, distribution).


    Global Operations Graduate Programme is a brand new programme. Our ambitions is to expose you to our Global Operations setup and you can expect to rotate within the global operations function in Denmark, Poland, and the US. The Graduate Programme will give you opportunity to work with strategic projects in the Global Supply Chain, you will be involved in improvement projects for intercompany manufacturing and service processes, and you will be incremental in the journey of continuously increasing the customer satisfaction levels.

    Applications will open in October 2017

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william demant employment facts

The prerequisite for William Demant’s continued competitiveness is extensive know-how and a broad spectrum of competencies. Skilled people are essential. Our development centre in Denmark is a major catalyst for ongoing as well as future innovation projects. Eriksholm, our research centre, also plays a key role in our endeavours to always be at the forefront of development.

In 2016, the average number of full-time employees was 12,339. At 31 December 2016, the William Demant Group had 12,671 employees of whom 1,516 were employed in Denmark. About 20% of the Group’s employees are shareholders in the Company, and shares held by employees and by members of the Board of Directors and the Executive Board account for approximately 1% of the total share capital.